Die-Hard Trump Supporters Undeterred By Recent Scandals

Many die-hard supporters of President Donald Trump have reportedly chosen to either turn a blind eye to recent scandals, or lack knowledge of recent developments with the Trump administration, maintaining their vehement support of the president.

On May 9, Trump abruptly fired then-FBI Director James Comey, inciting speculation as to whether the commander-in-chief attempted to interfere with an ongoing FBI investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, according to The Washington Post.

Some Trump loyalists opted to ignore the allegations.

"I tuned it out," 44-year-old Trump supporter Michele Velardi told The Associated Press. "I didn't want to be depressed. I don't want to feel that he's not doing what he said, so I just choose to not listen."

Other Trump backers, such as Joseph Amodeo, remained in the dark about reports of what had transpired.

Amodeo, 19, maintained that, either way, it was unwise to advocate for the president's downfall.

"If you're wishing for him to fail, you're basically wishing for the pilot of the plane to crash," said Amodeo. "You just gotta stick by him and hopefully he does things that benefit everyone."

Select Democrats broached the subject of impeachment following reports that Trump requested the former FBI director to shut down an investigation into the administration's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

"If it were true, it would bother me," said 60-year-old Trump supporter Mark Feller of reports that the president had allegedly asked Comey to end an FBI investigation. "But I don't think it's true."

Trump backer Robbie Foy, 27, asserted his ongoing support of the president based on the notion that Trump's former campaign rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had selfish reasons for running for office.

"Trump's not in it for the money," said Foy. "He's got plenty of money."

Although many Trump supporters around the country have not changed their positions, CNN correspondent Gloria Borger told Bustle that some Trump aides in Washington have begun to distance themselves from the president:

I think these people have sort of given up on Donald Trump, to be honest with you, and I don't know whether they've said that to him. Let me read to you what this one Trump loyalist said to me, and he does speak with Donald Trump quite frequently, he said, "I always thought that once he understood the weight of the office, he would rise to the occasion. Now, I don't."