Viral Video Tips Off Police To Possible Child Abuse

A viral video of a woman assaulting two kids has resulted in an investigation into possible charges of child abuse.

The video was originally released on the night of March 15 after the woman sent the video to the posting Facebook user via text.

The clip, which was subsequently released across a variety of social media, shows 23 seconds of a woman repeatedly hitting two crying and cowering children before threatening to "beat these kids to death."

Law enforcement authorities from the Baltimore County Police Department on March 16 began a query into the events and participants featured in the Facebook video, according to the New York Post.

Since beginning the investigation, law enforcement authorities have zeroed in on a particular home in the Essex or Middle River locales of Baltimore County.

Drew Fidler, a representative with the Baltimore Child Abuse Center, reflected on the public reaction to the viral video:

We've gotten a lot of responses from both media and concerned citizens. People are concerned that this happens, that it goes viral, that so many people are watching. Unfortunately, we're living in a time when we see so much violence on social media that it's really overwhelming. And people don't want to be passive bystanders, they want to help and they want to make a difference.

Authorities with the Baltimore County Police Department reported that they have since apprehended a possible suspect in the case and have been questioning her.

"We're investigating the woman and the children in the video that is posted online," said Julia Hardgrove, a spokesperson with the Baltimore County Police, according to Fox News. "Our investigation will determine how old the video is."

The Department of Social Services has also reported that they have initiated an investigation into the whereabouts of the people involved in the video, according to ABC News.

The Department plans to perform an assessment to ensure that the children featured in the video are safe.

"Ultimately, what the Department of Social Services wants to do is what's best for the child, and if they are attached to an adult that's safe to care for them then the Department of Social Services generally wants to keep them in a safe place and some place where they're comfortable," explained Dr. Wendy Lane, a child abuse pediatrician.

As of March 17, the woman in the video remains anonymous and no charges have yet been filed against any suspect involved with the case.