Man Harasses Dog With Drone, Then Karma Happens

A man decided to harass his neighbor's dog with a drone, but ended up getting a major dose of karma.

The dog's owner's story quickly went viral. Posting on an online forum, the owner explained that his neighbor got a drone about six months earlier and soon began obnoxiously flying it around the neighborhood.

"He would hover in front of other houses and windows, try to 'race' cars going down the road, and worst of all he had a habit of flying his drone in my fenced back yard buzzing over my dog, diving low just over my dogs head before circling around to do it again," the owner wrote. "My dog isn't small, he's about 70lbs and a Malamute, but the drone terrified him, and I was worried what would happen if it hit him."

The man explained that he asked his neighbor not to fly the drone around the dog, saying that the dog was scared. In response, the neighbor laughed at him and told him to "get lost."

"When it still continued, I called the police. Unfortunately there wasn't much they could do other than ask him to please not fly over my house/property," he wrote. Things escalated when the dog finally got hold of the drone:

Finally, in late December it happened -- my dog got tired of his s*** and managed to catch the drone right as it was diving towards him. He shredded the drone, the thing was just a jumbled mess of wires and plastic.

Neighbor was pissed. He stormed over to my house swearing and threatening me, which I ignored. A week later, I got a summons to small claims court - he wanted $900 for the cost of his drone and an additional $300 for supposedly denying him access to his property (the drone sat in my yard for a couple hours before it was retrieved). F*** that. He could have killed my dog. I don't have kids or a girlfriend, I just have my dog who is my best friend for the past 7 years. That dog has moved with me three times, was there when I graduated college, saw me buy my first house and my first new car. I love my dog.

The man sought legal help and went to court, where things took an interesting turn:

Turns out, him suing me was the best thing to ever happen. When we got to small claims court, the judge basically laughed away his claims that I had intentionally trained my dog to attack his drone. But little did he know I was prepared. I had dozens of photos of my yard showing it was impossible for him to "accidently" fly that low to my dog, videos of him harassing my dog in the past, and I had saved all my medical bills from taking my dog to the vet. $700 for an xray? Check. Another $250 to sedate him during? Why not, don't want him being uncomfortable.

Full dental exam with tooth cleaning/repair? $400. Then there was the cost of anti-anxiety meds and a secondary check up, wet food for a week in case his teeth were hurt, and extra just for good measure. In the end, the a**hole ended up owing me almost $2,000, and now is being investigated by the FAA for not having a registered drone and violating several FAA regulations concerning drone flight, too near an airport, too close to other people, out of sight of operator and waaay above the maximum altitude.

Many readers praised the dog owner for being smart about how he handled his neighbor and ultimately winning in the end.

"Serves him right..truthfully I would have personally shredded that drone and returned it to the neighbor myself..hurt my furr babies and pay a price!!!" one Shared reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"I will never understand how anyone can be cruel to innocent animals. If the dog was bothering him he should have spoken to owner. But judging from his punishment I think this was not an issue!! Glad judge made a great decision against him," another added.