Guy Bullies Girl, Doesn't Realize She's Trained In MMA (Video)

A girl put her MMA training to good use when she decided to defend herself against a cyber bully (video below).

In a clip of the confrontation between the girl and her bully, the girl can be seen putting her mixed martial arts training to good use by fighting a boy who was reportedly bullying her online. The girl puts the boy in a headlock and hits him with her knee several times before pushing him to the ground and running from the scene.

"I always encourage people to learn martial arts to one, have the confidence to walk away so it doesn’t affect you, but if it does and you don’t have anywhere to back away, sometimes you’re going to need that to protect yourself," Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter Kit Dale, who put the clip up online with the girl's permission, said after it went viral.

Many viewers applauded the girl for standing up for herself and fighting back.

"Good job girl, the little punk didn't get all that he deserved,the school should have punished him. The schools don't do anything about bullies, but when the victims of bullies have had enough they're the ones who get punished. I think bullies should have to wear a shirt or sign saying 'I'm a BULLY' for atleast a month," one AWM America reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"Usually the person getting caught didn't start it. These poor kids that have to eventually stand up for their selves are the ones that get blamed. Good for her! I am sure she ran because she was frightened. Standing up for yourself can be scarey," another added.

Others shared their own stories of standing up to bullies.

"I always told my girls when they were in school to give the school a chance to take care of situations that came up like this if it don't stop then you take care if it anyway you want and I would stand behind them. My oldest did just that told a boy that sat behind her to stop pulling her hair, told the teacher to have him stop, he didn't listen so one morning before class started he pulled her hair and she punched him in the face in front of the other kids he never did that again," one reader wrote.

Some called for the girl to be exempted from punishment, considering that she was only fighting the boy to defend herself.

"If the young lady was suspended then the young man should get the same for what he did. He should also be watched in what ever form it takes to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else," one reader commented.

"Although this video doesn't show the beginning of the confrontation I would say he's the one who should be punished if he truly was the instigator. Bullying should not be tolerated," another added. 

Sources: AWM, AWM America/Facebook / Photo credit: AWM