Does Kylie Jenner Have A Wart On Her Knee? (Photo)

Internet users noticed something off about Kylie Jenner's knee in her latest Instagram picture with boyfriend Tyga.

In the image, the reality television star is seductively sitting on the rapper's lap, in a black bikini, eating something. There appears to be a strange blemish on her right knee, resembling a lump.

Some of Tyga's 11.7 million followers believe the wart, dubbed a "third nipple," was a result of a Photoshop fail, because Jenner's knee seems to be slimmed down, according to Daily Mail.

"It looks like there's a huge mole or some kind of bump on her knee!!" wrote one puzzled user.

Another fan asked, "Is that a wart on the top of her right knee," later asking again, "Is that a mole on her knee?"

"She has a nipple on her knee," conjectured another.

But another user says it could be a bug: "She got a damn ladybug on her."

"It's a nipple on her shrunken leg!!! I thoroughly enjoy these stupid girls. Money can't fix stupid!" commented another.

One observant fan noticed a tall plant in soft focus was the cause of the optical illusion.

"Totally thought she had a wart on her knee. But it's all perspective -- something in front of her knee hahaha," they wrote.

Though fans were still left questioning why Jenner's right leg appeared to be modified.

"Why does her right leg look skinnier than the other?" they asked.

"What's wrong with the right leg?" another user commented. "Her leg look deformed."

"OMG one of her legs look photoshopped," writes another fan. But they probably didn't noticed that Jenner's leg was hidden behind Tyga's.

Though Jenner doesn't seem fazed by the speculation surrounding her knee. She stunned her fans by wearing a show-stopping purple Balmain gown to Marie Claire's "Image Makers" awards party on Jan. 10.

Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing happens to be one of her family's good friends and received an award that night, according to Cosmopolitan.

In support of Rousteing, Jenner wore the captivating two-piece ensemble with sheer cutouts at the hips and legs. The dress resembled a waterfall of purple ruffles flowing down her body.

The train was even wet at the bottom after Jenner stepped in a puddle before the event.

Sources: Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan / Photo credit: Tyga/Instagram