Man Shocked By Stranger's Actions At Gas Station

The generosity of a stranger shocked a man who found himself in a difficult situation.

Tyson Crawley filled up the tank of his truck with about $110 worth of gas, AWM reports. When he went inside the gas station to pay, he found himself in a tricky situation that he had no idea how to get out of.

Crawley had just received a new credit card, but as he found out when he tried to pay for his gas, it had not yet been activated. Crawley panicked and tried to figure out another way to pay, but he didn't have any cash and could not remember the PIN number for his other card.

The man attempted to figure out how to explain to the gas station attendant why he would not be able to pay for the $110 of gas. Just as he began to explain, a stranger came forward and did something Crawley could not have predicted.

The stranger asked Crawley if he needed help with his gas bill and -- without hesitation -- swiped his card.

Stunned, Crawley thanked the man for doing something so generous and asked how he could get in touch to repay him.

The man then took the gas receipt, wrote something on the back, and handed it to Crawley. He expected to find a phone number or an address on the receipt, but instead found a simple message.

The message said simply, "Pass it on, John," according to Newsiosity.

Crawley was so blown away by the stranger's kindness that he posted about the incident on social media.

"Please be beautiful people, and remember it's not about keeping up with the Joneses, having the biggest house, most expensive car, the largest bank account, but work with each other," he wrote in a Facebook post, AWM reports. "After all, what is money compared to the quality of human life?"

Sources: AWMNewsiosity / Photo Credit: AWM

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