Man Kicks Wife Out Of House, She Gets Ultimate Revenge

When a couple settled their bitter divorce and the wife was kicked out of their marital home by her husband and his new girlfriend, she got revenge on them in an incredible way.

Jerald and Catherine had been married for 37 years, before Jerald decided to leave his wife for his secretary. The divorce was long and messy, as there were a lot of assets to be divided between them. Jerald’s girlfriend demanded that he be the one to keep their multi-million dollar house so that she could live there, so Catherine was kicked out.

Catherine was only given three days to pack her things and leave the house, but was allowed to be there by herself to do so. She spent a couple days packing 37 years of belongings into boxes and suitcases before movers came to take it all away.

On the last day in her home, she made one final meal for herself consisting of shrimp, caviar and white wine. After she was done, she had a brilliant idea. Catherine went to every room in the house and stuffed caviar-dipped shrimp shells inside every curtain rod. She then cleaned up and left the house for good. 

Jerald subsequently moved in with his girlfriend, and the two quickly settled. Within a week, however, the house started smelling terrible. The couple tried everything they could to get rid of the terrible smell but nothing worked. They even went so far as to replace the carpets.

After a month, the couple gave up and decided to sell the home. Nobody would go inside the house, let alone buy it, so the real estate agent ultimately gave up on trying to sell it. Jerald then called Catherine, knowing she loved the house, and offered it back to her at a tenth of its price. She accepted, but told them to pack up and leave right away. She gave them a week to move all their things into a new home — even the curtain rods.

The story quickly went viral, with many praising Catherine for her revenge plot.

“She gave almost 40 years of her life. The thing that gets old and sick of hearing is these so called husbands who leave their wives after so many years together for younger women. Where is the honor in that. I hope and pray she has many happy and fulfilling years in her home,” one reader commented on AWM America’s Facebook page.

“Great story. Never underestimate the revenge of a woman that has been cheated on,” another added.


Sources: AWM, AWM America/Facebook / Photo credit: AWM