Trump Campaign On Taxes: 'He Will Not Be Releasing Them'

If you are still waiting for Donald Trump to release his tax returns, settle in, because they are not coming out any time soon. The Trump campaign has announced that the Republican nominee will not be releasing his tax filings.

“Mr. Trump has said that his taxes are under audit and he will not be releasing them,” Paul Manafort, campaign head for Trump, told “CBS This Morning” on July 27, according to The Hill.

“It has nothing to do with Russia, it has nothing to do with any other country other than the United States and his normal tax-auditing process,” Manafort continued.

The IRS has released a statement on the auditing process, clarifying that releasing the filings to the public would not interfere in any way.

According to Politico, John Koskinen, commissioner of the IRS, spoke with C-SPAN in February and refuted many of Trump’s tax claims.

“It would be rare for anyone to be audited every year,” Koskinen began. If an audit uncovers no issues, “it’s a number of years -- two or three at least -- before you hear from us again,” Koskinen said on Trump’s claim that he’s audited every year.

Koskinen then addressed Trump’s claim that the audit is prohibiting him from releasing his tax information.

“We stress that we’re in tax administration, so we have no stake in any of the primaries going on,” Koskinen said. “From our standpoint, if you are being audited, and you want to do something else, share that information with your returns, you can do that.”

According to The Hill, George Will, a conservative columnist, raised the possibility that Trump “is deeply involving in dealing with Russia[n] oligarchs,” and thus will not release his tax returns.

“So to be clear, Mr. Trump has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarchs?” Norah O’Donnell asked Manafort on “CBS This Morning.”

“That’s what he said, that’s what I said,” Manafort responded. “That’s obviously what our position is.” 

Sources: The Hill (2), Politico / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr