'Friends' Star Faces Backlash Online For Selling T-shirt That Some Find 'Offensive'


Photo Credit: Twitter/Matthew Perry, Twitter/BelleRoseHerr

Matthew Perry has sparked backlash for promoting a clothing line urging Friends fans to get vaccinated.

The 51-year-old posted an image of himself wearing the new T-shirt, which plays on Chandler Bing character’s catchphrase: "Could I be any more vaccinated?" 

The T-shirt is just one of the products Perry is selling as a limited edition offer featuring references to his Friends character. 

However, some fans slammed Perry on social media, calling him out for profiting off the pandemic. This sparked a debate among fans of the show.

Photo Credit: Twitter/BelleRoseHerr

"Just propaganda machines for life huh? That’s all celebs are anymore," one person wrote. 

"Could this BE anymore of a turn off?" another person commented.

"Why would I give a multi millionaire even more money?" a third wrote.

"Making money from a t-shirt relating to vaccines is in bad taste.  Could I BE any more annoyed," someone else commented.

Photo Credit: Twitter/BelleRoseHerr

Even though Perry was slammed for promoting the vaccine for his own gain, the majority of his fans supported him, with some commending him for raising vaccine awareness.

"People ~ why must you get offended over every. little. thing?" one person wrote.

"Good for you Mathew... Anything that brings awareness to this effort is priceless.  If you can make a buck or two, so be it. You've done many things that benefit others. Thank you!" another commented.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Matthew Perry

"I'm baffled by how upset ppl are. I'm not and we lost ppl to covid in our family. I think it promotes vaccination which saves lives and helps let those around us know we're vaccinated not anti mask when we're ready to go maskless. All good messages," a third wrote.

Perry’s limited time merchandise offer comes after the first official Friends Union trailer aired, with the show having been delayed by the pandemic and pushed back to a May 27 premiere.

Sources: Fox News