Cindy Crawford's Son Faces Backlash Over 'Controversial' Face Tattoo

After getting a tattoo on his face, model Presley Gerber received a handful of critics about the placement and the message of his face tattoo.

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber‘s 20-year-old son Presley Gerber decided to have the word "misunderstood" tattoed on his face. It was previously reported that Presley went to celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy to get permanently inked.

However, he did not expect that plenty of people will start questioning his decision after posting a photo on Instagram.

Are face tats becoming an in’ thing? Sweet Jesus. The only thing misunderstood is that tattoo. You just ruined your canvas,” one user commented on his photo.

“Are you really that misunderstood? Having all the money at your disposal is never a good thing in life. You must be so bored,” another user wrote.

In response to the hate comments he's receiving, Gerber directly addressed his haters by doing an Instagram Live.

 “If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn’t want this, I wouldn’t have done it. I think that’s a pretty obvious thing,” he stated.

He also asked people to face him in person to give their critiques about his tattoo.

“It says misunderstood because that’s how I felt my entire life,” he emphasized.

Observably, Gerber turned increasingly disconcerted by the negative comments and questions as they flooded in on his Instagram Live.

“Look at these f—king haters out here,” he said. “F—k you if you don’t like it.” he intensely said.

In addition to his Instagram Live, Gerber also posted the following statement on his Instagram story.

“Most and a lot of people can get facelifts, change genders, lip injections, etc and it’s offensive to say anything in today’s day in [sic] age but I get a little face tattoo and now people love to hate me… Hmm?”

It was recently reported that this statement sparked another round of backlash for comparing his tattoo to being transgender.


Sources: Page Six / Photo Credit: Topanga Margarita