Chrissy Teigen Fires Back At Body Shamers After Posting Swimsuit Video

On Saturday, Chrissy Tiegen posted a “thirst trap” video which featured her clad in a skin tight swimsuit with a deep plunging neckline.

The 34-year-old former Swimsuit Illustrated model proved that she still got it despite retiring from professional bikini modeling years ago. The video shows Tiegen posing in front of a mirror, appearing to be devoid of any makeup, and her hair styled in a messy bun.

She tugged at her swimsuit, and joked, "I never post thirst traps. So here I am, trapping you in thirst." Some of her fans enjoyed the video, and hailed her humor. However, some users began body shaming the “Chrissy’s Court” star, with one person even comparing her to SpongeBob SquarePants.

When one person stated that her “boobs are sagging,” she immediately clapped back, writing: "I can't even begin to explain how hideous this man probably is."

A number of her fans defended her, and she later commented: "It's ok I've been a rectangle my whole life and it's gotten me pretty far!"

Chrissy recently revealed that she had gotten a boob job at 20, and was not about to take the insults lying down. She expressed her confidence in her own skin, writing: "Everyone use to...surgically enhanced curves. I've been a square my whole life and let me tell you, it's paid off nicely in many ways."

She went a step further, calling out the trolls by stating that they would never be happy no matter how she looked. She wrote, "Imagine if one day I showed up with hips and an ass. Oooo you guys would be pissed then too! I'm happy, John's happy, we all happy and doing a-okay!"

In an interview with Glamour UK, the former model came clean about her surgery all those years back. “Yeah, I did my boobs when I was about 20 years old. It was more for a swimsuit thing. I thought, if I’m going to be posing, laid on my back, I want them to be perky!" she said.

Sources: The Blast / Photo Credit: Google, Access