'Modern Family' Actress Turns Heads With 'Revealing' Dress At Wrap Party

On Sunday, 29-year-old Sarah Hyland posted pictures from Modern Family’s final wrap party at Sunset Room Hollywood. One of the pictures showed co-star Ariel Winters in a mesh black dress.

The picture received a ton of mixed comments, with some claiming that the dress was too revealing. Hyland wasn’t having any of it.

One fan commented, “What’s up with Ariel Winter’s outfit tho,” to which the actress replied, “you that she’s ?? I KNOW.”

Another wrote, “Need Arielle’s Dress,” and Hyland responded, “same.”

In the pictures, the two also posed with their TV brother Nolan Gould, and in one picture Hyland is seen embracing TV cousin Jeremy Maguire.

She captioned the photos: “I love these people with all my heart. 11 years together is proof you and your tv sister will start wearing the same outfit, siblings for life will be made, and you’ll forever fight over the same professor. We’ll always be Dunphys and we’ll always have each other ”

Hyland’s fiancé Wells Adams commented on the post: “You ladies both look !!!”

Co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s husband Justin Mikita wrote: “You both look hawt. holy s—t mama!!!!!”

Adams also shared a picture of Hyland on Instagram, captioning it: “The Modern Family wrap party has great lighting and smoking hot cast members. Constantly amazed by you @sarahhyland. For over a decade you brought so much joy, laughter, tears, and heart to people everywhere. The world is a better place because of the work you and your wonderful cast and crew put in over the last 11 years. Proud to know ya kid.”

Winter shared a selfie to commemorate the end of the show, and later posted a picture of herself in a black sweatshirt outside her trailer.

She wrote: “In just a few hours we will series wrap on @abcmodernfam, and along with everything else, I will be saying goodbye to the trailer I have had for almost a decade. Goodbye trailer! Goodbye Alex plaque! #modernfamily #memories #family#farewell.”

Modern Family premiered in 2009 and since then has won five Emmys for outstanding comedy series. In February 2019, ABC announced that the show’s 11th season will be its last, with the finale airing on April 8.

Sources: People / Photo Credit: Google, Instagram/Sarah Hyland