Socialite Yells At Family For Taking Photos Of Their 1-Year-Old In 'Her Neighborhood'

Kelyn and Isaiah Allen were celebrated their daughter’s first birthday, and they decided to have a photo shoot on the sidewalk. They laid out a blanket and added some balloons, hoping to capture a few adorable pictures of the scenic view.

They were soon confronted by a woman who was angry about the props set up on the sidewalk. The woman, later identified as Franci Neely, appears to have struck the camera Isaiah was holding.

He later said, “I’m still shocked, I’m still shaking.”

The video shows Neely moving the blanket from the sidewalk before walking to her Jaguar convertible which was parked on the street.

Kelyn is a local socialite, the ex-wife of the owner of the Houston Astros baseball team. She reportedly got $30 million in the 2015 divorce settlement.

Kelyn, speaking about the incident, said: “I was very angry and I felt extremely disrespected.”

The local HOA tried restricting photographers from taking pictures on the sidewalk, but the City of Houston maintained that the sidewalk is public property.

Neely later apologized in a statement: “I am very sorry that I got upset on late Saturday afternoon… It's hard to remain composed when confronted by shouted threats of lawsuits and false, inflammatory accusations.”

Sources: Inside Edition / Photo Credit: Inside Edition