Man Charges Fan $724 For Two Beers At NFL Football Game

33-year-old Nathaniel Collier was arrested after allegedly charging a baseball fan $724 for two beers at a Miami Dolphins game in Hard Rock Stadium.

Police revealed that a fan was notified by his bank about the unusual charge on his card, with the recipient listed as Nathaniel Collier. According to police, Collier used a personal Square credit card reader and not the card reader used by vendors at Hard Rock Stadium.

Reports revealed that the beers only cost $19, a far cry from the $724 credited. Collier was not a vendor of Hard Rock Stadium or Miami Dolphins, but worked for a company based in Kentucky which employs walking vendors. The firm, Rocket Man, stated, “Our onsite supervisor contacted the authorities immediately upon learning of the overcharge on what was Mr. Collier’s unauthorized personal device.”

“As the chosen provider of walking vendors across dozens of stadiums, we take the matter of security extremely seriously, and train and monitor our vendors to safeguard our customers,” the firm told WPLG, adding, “The credit card company issued a full refund and the guest incurred no loss. The suspect’s employment has been terminated. As this is an open legal action, we cannot offer further comment.”

The 33-year old was taken into custody at the Miami-Dade County jail on September 30, and was charged with grand theft and possession of a skimming device.

Sources: The Epoch Times / Photo Credit: CBS Miami