11-Year-Old Girl Steps Up To Sing An Elvis Song But No One Thought She'd Sound Just Like Him

The true King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and his legacy still lives on to this day. His signature music can be heard in any number of artists. Even so many years after, Elvis’ legacy remains to influence music and his songs still appear on television and movie soundtracks.

When 11-year-old Angelina Jordan takes on an Elvis Presley classic during a performance,  she made the entire crowd sing along with her. The 2014 Norway's Got Talent winner stepped into the stage and sang the true King of Rock and Roll's classic song “It’s Now or Never" while wearing a crown of purple flowers and a flowing, white dress.

In her performance at Fredricksten Castle in Halden, Norway, the crowd was stunned after Angelina pulled off a perfect imitation of Elvis Presley's style of singing. People began singing along with her as Angelina continues to provide excellent show performance.

Many people love Angelina's performances saying that her voice is mature beyond her age. Despite receiving many comments, the young singer still enjoys performing in front of the huge audience. 

The video of her performance was flooded with positive comments. “Beautiful, Elvis would be proud!” one person wrote. Another person said, “This is the best version of the song that I have ever heard since Elvis and by such a very beautiful young lady.”

One fan said: “Angelina is one of the few singers in the world who has truly boundless ability! We are so lucky to be witnessing the rise of this great, but youthful, star who every year is taking her performances to another exciting level! That she is just an 11-year-old girl makes it only that much more exciting!”

“This girl is amazing — her voice is raw, natural. Puts ‘divas’ like Mariah and Christina Aguilera to shame. But I think she shouldn’t go into the business now or put out an album. She should grow up, have a normal childhood, and then return when she’s older enough. She’ll still have fans who will wait for her,” another fan added.

Sources: Viral Mirror / Photo Credit: TV 2