Plane's Engine Fails Mid-Flight, Then A Miracle Happens (Video)

Movies about airplane crashes have been cited as the cause of some passengers’ fear of flying when they board a plane. Even the slightest shake due to normal air turbulence is enough to make some passengers panic.

Fortunately, plane crashes don’t happen as often as they do in movies due to the technological advances that help make the aircraft more secure and stable. Additionally, pilots are trained to make safe emergency landings whenever there is a problem with the plane’s functions.

On August 1st, one pilot took out his KR2 single-propeller plane out for a spin, only to end up with engine failure mid-air. In this scary turn of events, the pilot chose a Washington highway for his emergency landing.

Clint Thompson, a Washington State Trooper, caught the footage on his dashcam as he was driving down the State Route 7 highway. Upon noticing that the plane was getting closer to the ground, he switched on his hazard lights so that other drivers wouldn’t get too close to the aircraft.

The dashcam captured the small plane landing on Pacific Avenue South. Luckily, there were no casualties, and no cars on the road were damaged in any way. Many viewers were in awe of the pilot’s skill, as he had successfully executed a very tricky landing on a very busy road.

Trooper Thompson seemed to have been at the right place at the right time to have witnessed the incredible yet suspenseful event. After landing, the pilot, David Acklam, stepped out of his aircraft and reported that his plane had experienced a system malfunction which caused it to run out of fuel prematurely. 

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: NBC News