Newlywed's Beach Honeymoon Ends In Tragedy Just Three Days After Wedding

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, Cheyenne Cottrell wrote, “Never did I think at 22 would I be a wife and then a widow so quickly."

The tragedy occurred in Florida while the couple was on their honeymoon. Three days after their wedding, the new husband drowned after a rip current swept him into the ocean.

According to St. John County Sheriff’s Office, at St. Augustine’s beach on Tuesday, Dalton Cottrell and his wife, Cheyenne Cottrell, were carried out deeper into the ocean by the current.

Cheyenne said that she attempted to help her husband but failed to do so, as he kept pulling her under the water. After a minute, Dalton went under.

A lifeguard and one man quickly swam to help the couple, and by the time deputies arrived at the scene, a rescuer was already performing CPR on Dalton. Dalton was then taken to the nearest local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Dalton was on his way to becoming a pastor, and was attending school at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa. Cheyenne is also a student at the said college institution.

"I would like to encourage Eagle Nation to pray for, love, and support both Cheyenne and Dalton’s family. May we do all we can to support all of them through this difficult time,” Faith Baptist Bible President Jim Tillotson said in a statement posted on the school's website.

The couple's pastor, Daniel Vance of Fellowship Baptist Church in Des Moines, expressed his devastation towards the tragic incident.

"So sad to hear a couple that we love, in a moment of such tenderness, just having that loss," he said.

Sources: NBC News / Photo Credit: Facebook/Cheyenne Cottrell