Instagram Model Snuggles Up To Elephant, Trunk Gets Too Close For Comfort (Video)

Most people look forward to taking pictures with a big, majestic creature like an elephant, and most safari parks provide the opportunity to make this dream come true. These friendly giants often pose no significant threat to anyone as long as they are accorded the respect they deserve. However, things can still go a little awry.

Francia James was wearing a scanty bikini next to an elephant at the Myrtle Beach safari park when the elephant started using its trunk to try and remove her bikini top.

Francia, a self-proclaimed Instagram model, claimed the 9,000-pound African elephant groped her without provocation. However, some say that the elephant, a 34-year-old female, may have been attracted to the scent James was wearing. Other viewers have criticized the model for posting the said video, stating that they didn’t understand why James had to use the mammal to promote her body, or garner views and followers.

In the video, James is seen walking up to the elephant, who then reaches out her trunk and sniffs at the model’s chest. Once the elephant tries grabbing James’ bikini top, the model jumps away in surprise with a big smile on her face.

James stated that the trunk felt like the hand of a large man, attached to a high-powered vacuum. While some viewers were entertained, others were less convinced and called out James for staging the entire incident.

The elephant in question was rescued and put in the safari park after poachers tragically killed her herd.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail