Vogue Editor Anna Wintour Refuses To Talk About Melania, Covers Michelle Obama Instead

Almost every model dreams of gracing the covers of popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, which is known to be the magazine when it comes to beauty coverage, fashion week updates, fashion news, celebrity styles, and more. Its Editor-in-Chief since 1988, Anna Wintour, is just as famous as the magazine due to her active support of young designers and her keen eye for fashion trends.

Subject to several interviews, many relish the opportunity to pick at her brain. In one particular interview, she was asked about her opinion of America’s First Lady Melania Trump. Wintour utterly ignored the question and acted as if the interviewer never mentioned Melania Trump.

Instead, Wintour managed to keep the conversation about Former First Lady Michelle Obama. The interview was aired on The Economist’s podcast, where Anne McElvoy asked Wintour what she thought about the First Lady’s wardrobe choices.

McElvoy cited First Lady Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, and expressed that she thought Melania consciously wanted to dress and see herself as a British fashion ambassador, or a transatlantic one. Wintour responded, but didn’t refer to Melania Trump, and chose to talk about Michelle Obama, who has been on Vogue’s covers three times.

Wintour detailed how Michelle Obama was always so astonishing in her fashion decisions, and how she supported young American designers. The American-British fashion figure went on to say that Michelle Obama also helped designers from all over the world and that she was the best ambassador the United States ever had, and went way beyond fashion.

McElvoy responded by pointing out that she wasn’t talking about Michelle Obama, but the current First Lady Melania Trump. The high fashion Editor-in-Chief responded again, and this time stated that Michelle Obama was the example she admired.

Sources: The Blaze / Photo Credit: Google, Wikimedia