Middle School Prank Goes Horribly Wrong, Teacher Ends Up In Hospital

Pranks are mostly harmless and pranksters usually have no intention of genuinely hurting the person being pranked. However, these “harmless” jokes can go sideways pretty quickly. There have been reports of people being harmed, with some on the verge of death due to these “harmless” pranks.

However, pranks set up to intentionally harm the person being pranked can be considered an act of crime, especially if the victim almost dies.

Three seventh grade students of the Starling K-8 School in Columbus decided to prank their Arts teacher, who had a severe banana allergy. The students, who all had prior knowledge of their teacher’s allergy, smeared bananas all over the doorknob of the teacher’s classroom and threw bananas at her.

According to a security officer at the school, all the students were well-aware of the teacher’s deadly allergy, as she could go into anaphylactic shock just by touching a banana.

“Banana Free Zone” posts and signs were plastered all around her classroom as a daily reminder, and students who ate bananas were advised to wash their hands before entering the classroom.

The teacher went into anaphylactic shock and was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. The security staffer added that she was given an EpiPen twice, but both did not work as her throat started to close up.

The incident took place in November last year, and the students who attacked their teacher were disciplined appropriately. All three served probation, were transferred to other schools, and were charged with assault.

Sources: ABC News / Photo Credit: ABC 6