Mother Leaves 8-Month-Old Baby In Freezer, Learns Her Fate

Witnesses saw 19-year-old Brittany Smith leave her baby in another family’s unused freezer, which was in their backyard. The events unfolded in Tennessee, and the action led to Smith facing felony charges, and she was put on probation.

Smith was reported to have pled guilty to the charges of child neglect, which was a reduced charge from aggravated child abuse. The trial was held on the Wednesday following the incident, and she was sentenced to two years’ probation.

Fortunately, the 8-month-old baby boy survived the ordeal, and would have died from lack of oxygen if he had been left in the freezer much longer. Deborah Presnell and her family, who were the owners of the said unused freezer, spotted Smith on the afternoon of January 2 carrying a bundle through their backyard.

They immediately became suspicious and went to investigate after it was evident that Smith had left. During their search, they found the baby in their freezer. The Presnells’ were alarmed when the baby didn’t show any signs of movement at first, but when Deborah’s son pulled him out they were relieved to see him start moving.

After finding the baby, the family went in search of Smith and found her hiding under their home’s crawl space, seemingly under the influence. When they asked her if she had left the baby in the freezer and if she was going back to get him, Smith answered yes to both questions.

Reports say that the Presnells’ watched Smith leave while they watched the baby, and did not call the authorities due to the 24-hour Good Samaritan law. Deborah added that whatever Smith was on, she’d come back for the baby once the effects wore off.

After 12 hours, Smith came back, and the Presnells’ convinced her to call her mother, as they were not yet confident that returning the baby to his mother would be a good idea. The Presnells’ added that it was either the baby’s grandmother retrieves the baby, or they would hand him over to the police.

Sources: People / Photo Credit: People