Man Asks For Glass Of Water, Bartender Gives Him This Harsh Response

A man who visited a bar in North England has circulated a now-viral video showing how he was mistreated by a female bartender after asking for a glass of water for his medication.

25-year-old Jonathan White asked a Clock Hotel bartender for a glass of tap water to swallow his pill.

“I want to get a glass of water. I am going to pass out, I am going to pass out in the cold,” he said in the video. Despite his request, the barmaid did not offer him a glass of water and instead tried to sell him bottled water for £1 ($1.27).

“We sell water for one pound. You’re not getting a glass of water [for free] … then do it [pass out], do it,” the aggressive barmaid said.

White said that he had no money and asked the woman if she was actually denying him service because of his medical condition.

“I have not got any money and cannot afford a pound. Are you refusing me a glass of water because I have a medical condition?" White stated.

The barmaid retaliated and told White: “If you’ve got a medical condition, you’ve got to go home and sort it [out]. You can video us as much as you like, I mean, I don’t care, get yourself away, get yourself on the road, see you later.”

White, who was with his friend Shaun, reported the incident to the police. According to White, he was "anxious and scared" because of the way the barmaid treated him.

"I was anxious and scared. She wasn't supposed to be charging us anyway for tap water. When I raised this with her, she made me feel really vulnerable. I was made to feel stupid and insecure around her. Shaun thought she was nasty. I even told her that I'd bought two pints, and then she hit me," White said.

He added: "I couldn't see why she wouldn't just pour me a glass of water for my medication."

The Clock Hotel has yet to provide a statement to Fox News.

Sources: Fox News / Photo Credit: Fox News