Actress Insists Keanu Reeves Is A Sweet Guy Unlike His Character From 'Always Be My Maybe'

World-famous actor Keanu Reeves rocked theaters this year with his superb training with both weapons and martial arts in the movie John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. However, this time, he graces our screens as himself in Netflix’s newly released romantic comedy, “Always Be My Maybe.”

In this movie, 54-year-old Reeves plays the love interest of the movie’s main character Sasha Tran, played by comedian Ali Wong. Reeves’ role is primarily an overexaggerated version of himself, who likes a game of extreme Truth or Dare and had a childhood crush on Mother Teresa.

37-year-old Wong told PEOPLE magazine that his scene where he starts air fighting after taunting Sasha and listing off the Chinese dignitaries was all his idea. Despite playing himself and coming off as overbearing and over-the-top, Wong assures audiences that Reeves is genuinely not like that in real life.

Wong goes on to say how Reeves is professional yet sweet and funny and really puts his soul into what he does. She even stated the whole time they were filming together that he was very approachable and was never intimidating.

Before developing the film, Wong approached Reeves about the role as she wanted all of Sasha Tran’s love interests to be of Asian-American descent. Thus, apart from Reeves, Randall Park plays Marcus, Sasha’s childhood sweetheart and Daniel Dae Kim plays Sasha’s fiancé.

Wong was happy with her casting success as it was essential to her that the love interests were Asian-American. Reeves’ role as someone Marcus would find to be the worst possible competition if he were to confess his feelings to Sasha was portrayed perfectly.

Reeves accepted the role when they met in Los Angeles at the Chateau Marmont, where he wrote a note to Wong saying he would be honored to be a part of her love story. He had also revealed that Reeves was a fan of Wong’s standup comedy.

Sources: Yahoo / Photo Credit: Google