10 Year Old Girl Born Without Hands Achieves What No One Thought She Could (Video)

A third-grade student in Maryland won the Nicholas Maxim Award in the 2019 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest. This is despite the fact that the 10-year-old champion was born with no hands.

Sara Hinesley was born in China and was adopted four years ago by an American family, according to Good Morning America. As little Sara grew up, the talented girl was able to develop her own method of writing by clutching the pencil or pen using her arms.

“Sara is a very motivated and disciplined student. She excels really at about anything she tries.” her mother Cathryn Hinesley told GMA.

Sara attends school at St. John Regional Catholic School in Frederick. When she's not busy excelling in school, she enjoys doing normal kid activities — “I like to play, I like to watch TV,”  adding that she also loves spending time with her older sister Veronica.

When it comes to winning the Nicholas Maxim Award in the 2019 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, Sara expressed her gratitude saying, "The things I can’t do, I try to figure out the ways I can do it and try my best to make it work. I just try my hardest and put my mind to it and this is what happens.”

To be qualified for the Nicholas Maxim Award, a student must have either an intellectual, physical, developmental disability or a cognitive delay. The judges for this year's entries are composed of a team of occupational therapists.

Sara's teacher, Cheryl Churilla, told the Washington Post “I have never heard this little girl say, ‘I can’t.’ She’s a little rock star. She tackles absolutely everything you can throw at her, and she gives it her best.”

“She has this independent streak where she just knows that she can do it and she’ll figure out her own way. She is beautiful and strong and mighty just the way she is, and she just lives that way. She really does.” Cathryn Hinesley told the Post in an interview.

It was announced that Sara will receive her award during a ceremony on June 13th.

Sources: Good Morning America / Photo Credit: WJZ