This Facebook Surprise Permenanetly Changed A Couple's Marriage

A man from Georgia is claiming that he has discovered his wife, who he has been married to for ten years, was cheating on him. He reportedly discovered that his wife was also cheating on him with not only one, but several men. She had accidentally left her Facebook account open, leading the man to discover her messages.

Seth Megow, who is 33 years old, married wife Crissy when he was just 19 years old. Megow says his blood “boiled” when he found the messages on her Facebook account.

Megow further revealed on a website called Love What Matters that his marriage and his wife’s relationship started changing after eight years of being together. He wrote that there were nights when his wife would not come home. He also stated that his wife became hard to talk to. Megow wondered why as they previously had a strong bond.

It wasn’t until Megow discovered her Facebook account that his suspicions were confirmed. He found messages regarding her flings and about someone she apparently had a year-long relationship with.

Megow further recounts different love stories from their past on the website. He wrote, “I’m just a guy who was married to my best friend for 10 years that discovered multiple affairs towards the end of our marriage. We had eight amazing years together and two years of hell.” Megow also recounts how they “worked through college together” after their marriage at a young age, had adventures, and volunteered for community work. The blog post continues to narrate how they went on to have four children, bought their home, had healthy physical intimacy, and supported each other.

Initially, Megow figured that the change in behavior from his wife was due to the stress of working and raising four children at the same time. After months of not coming home, Crissy also changed her social media passwords and told Megow she was out with her friends. Megow also guesses that his wife experienced postpartum depression, had slight abuse of a substance and that these were what led to her affairs.

Megow, despite the heartbreak from the situation, has stated in his blog that he is moving on and that his children are his priority.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Google