After Son Brings Home Bad Grades Yet Again, Dad Teaches Him Lesson He'll Never Forget

Parents need to know how to pick their battles while raising their children. My daughter is almost two-years-old now, and she is a typical toddler. She acts out, spills food, and tries to draw on walls. If I tried to scold her with every little thing she did, I’d be saying ‘no’ all day long. It’s important to know when it’s essential to put your foot down as a parent and take a stand like this dad did when his son started getting failing grades in school.

Tre Cosby is the father of the boy in the video. His son was not doing well in school, so dad decided to get through to him in the only way he knew how by taking away what the boy loved best. As it turned out, the nine-year-old adored his PlayStation 4, and it was probably the reason he was failing in school. The boy spent more time playing games than he did studying and doing his homework.

The video included at the bottom of this story will show you exactly how Tre Cosby taught his nine-year-old boy a lesson in priorities. Because the boy had been getting distracted by his games, Cosby did the one thing he thought would work – get rid of the boy’s PlayStation 4.

In the video, Tre Cosby looks at the camera and says: “Hey world, once again, these kids and their electronics, and they don’t wanna act right, so guess what? My youngest is gonna get his PlayStation demolished.”

As Cosby made the threat, it lingered in the air, making it extremely clear to the young boy that his dad was utterly serious. He was going to demolish the child’s PlayStation 4 if it was the last thing he did.

But first Cosby needs to make sure his son understands what is going on. He confronts the boy and says:

“You were watching YouTube videos again this morning on PlayStation? What did I tell you next time was gonna happen? Did I tell you your PlayStation was gonna get it?”

While Tre Cosby planned to stand by his word, he offered his son a twist on the punishment that no one ever saw coming. Instead of destroying the game console himself, Cosby asks his son to “tear his own s*** up.”

Cosby hands his nine-year-old boy the crowbar. Then the dad marches the boy to the driveway where the PlayStation 4 is waiting there ready to be smashed to bits.

As the boy realizes that this is not a dream but is really happening, tears come to his eyes. He does not want to lose his beloved PlayStation 4 game console. He loves it more than anything. That’s the problem.

Readers shared their responses on Facebooking. Some people called Tre Cosby’s punishment simple “bad parenting” and “sad,” while other people thought it was an example of how every parent needs to treat their entitled children.

Have you ever taken such drastic measures with your children or grandchildren? Do you agree with Tre Cosby’s methods?

Sources: VT / Photo Credit: Post Image