Singer Aaron Carter Is Ready To Tell The Truth About What Michael Jackson Did To Him (Video)

Only about a month ago, Aaron Carter claimed that nothing had ever happened between him and Michael Jackson. However, now it seems that Carter has flipped his position, saying “I will say my truth” about his relationship with Michael Jackson following the recent “Leaving Neverland” documentary’s media attention.

In a recent interview, Carter mentioned that his first reaction to “Leaving Neverland” was incredible. Carter stated, “I remember I was having the time of my life when ‘Leaving Neverland’ was released.”

Carter’s “truth” about MJ was apparently all the inspiration Jackson gave Carter. According to Carter, Michael Jackson gave him advice on how to be an artist, telling him to stay focused and strive to be a perfectionist.

“My truth is I idolized Michael” Carter proclaimed proudly. For this reason, Carter expressed anger over the “Leaving Neverland” accusers’ statement that Carter defended Michael Jackson only because he was testifying under oath.

More generally, Carter mentioned that he was very disappointed with how people step on MJ’s grave, accusing Jackson of things that they never thought to bring up when he was still alive.

Carter was asked if he believed the accusations made in “Leaving Neverland” may be true.  Based upon his experience, Carter claimed MJ wouldn’t have done many of the things he was accused of.

At the end of the interview, Carter declared it is hard for him to understand how some people said they were molested by MJ when all his personal experience with Jackson was gentle and beautiful.

Sources: TMZ / Photo Credit: TMZ