Some Are Deeply Offended By This Photo Of 2 Kids. Can You See Why? (Photos)

When an image of a little boy and a little girl was posted online, it went viral for all the wrong reasons. Because the image showed two cute small children holding hands as they strolled through the halls of a hospital, the medical Twitter account thought the image would be a hit among its followers. However, it proved to be just the opposite as it proved the sexism that exists in the medical field that many people have been complaining about for years.

In the image, both children are wearing scrubs. The boy has green scrubs on with the words “Doctor in training” plastered across his back. Meanwhile, the girl wears pink scrubs with the words “Nurse in training” on her back. Because the image shows that the two little children are going to have different careers based on the fact that one is a boy and one is a girl, upset a lot of people on the internet. Thousands of people came forward to criticize the medical Twitter account for spreading sexist values, although it was probably done unconsciously.

Although the children are cute, the message that the photo is sending to little girls and little boys everywhere is “Not cute at all,” as one Twitter user was apt to point out.

Because the image solidifies stereotypes that men are doctors whereas women are nurses, it does not pose as an uplifting model for the youth of today, who should be taught that they can seek any career regardless of their gender.

The Twitter account, which has sparked all this controversy, posted the image along with the caption, “This is cute, isn’t it?”

People were quick to point out the blatant sexism in the image.

“Why isn’t she a Dr as well? Or why is the boy not a nurse?”

“It’s actually sexist as **** and an inaccurate representation since, as of 2017, there are more women in medical school than men.”

The Medical Shots, the controversial Twitter account, sparked a debate that went national after posting the sexist image of the boy and girl.

People made it very clear that they were not offended by the children in the image at all, but that the boy and girl were treated differently simply because they were born a certain way.

“The children are cute,” one person clarified. “The sexism on their backs is NOT.”

“How did you tweet this from the year 1950?” Jill Tatara asked.

One doctor stepped up to blast Medical Shots for its sexist tweet.

“I’m a hospital doctor and even with my badge on my chest saying ‘I’m a Doctor’ patients are always like ‘oh, are you the nurse/pharmacist/ward clerk?’ It happens all the time,” Kari Rhiannon said.

“At my job, we regularly will have a female doctor, and male nurse in a room and the patient assumes he’s the doctor even though she’s the one with the white coat on,” someone else wrote.

Sexism still exists in the medical field. Hopefully, the next generation will be able to level those stereotypes.

Sources: Daily Mail Online / Photo Credit: Post Image