Hacks From A Man Who Travels For A Living

Travel is on almost everybody's bucket list, but how do you see as much of the world as possible and have a great time while on a budget? YouTube's FunForLouis, also known as Louis Cole,  literally makes a living by traveling. Based on his experiences, he's offered some handy tips for anyone looking to fly off somewhere soon:

1) How To Travel Cheaply:

"Once you're at your destination, you can save money by eating simply, couch-surfing, and finding a job at a youth hostel or a backpackers," says Cole, BuzzFeed reports.

An added benefit to staying in a hostel or couch-surfing? You get to meet new people and immerse yourself in a new culture in a more intimate way.

If you're not into hostels, you can still save money by traveling with friends and sharing the costs.

Finally, Cole admits flight tickets tend to be pricey, and these will probably be the most expensive part of your trip. Still, you can even work around this. He advises people to book tickets during the off-season. But make sure you research major holidays at your destination. Off-season dates can vary according to the country, so do your research.

Guidebook author and travel TV host Rick Steves agrees. He advises people, for example, to travel from October through April in Europe -- which is generally the region's off-season.

2) How To Get Your Trip Off To The Right Start:

People underestimate how important a flight can be, especially when you're traveling far. But according to Cole, an enjoyable flight can go a long way.

"The important thing is to feel comfortable on a long-distance flight so that you start your trip off well," he says.

Given how small, crowded and loud flights tend to me, how can you relax on a plane without splurging on first-class?

It might sound simple, but Cole says a travel pillow, earplugs and an eye mask can be an excellent investment. If you're tall and have a little bit extra to spend, he also advises upgrading to an exit row seat.

3) How To Stay Safe:

Don't be so desperate to fly and travel cheap that you fall for a trick, Cole warns.

"Be vigilant and patient when you're negotiating, so you know exactly what's included in the deal or service," says Cole.

Cole also advises all travelers to buy travel insurance.

"It's an unnecessary stress that can be preempted by being prepared," Louis explained.

Sure, it may just seem like an extra expense, but it might save you your most valuable resource: your life.