4 Super Easy Ways To 'Renovate' Your Home

Want to renovate your home but turned off by the hefty prices associated with hiring someone? We get it, so why not try to do it yourself? As some of these hacks reveal, it's not as difficult as it sounds -- in fact, all you literally need to do is follow about three steps and you're done. Keep reading to see what we mean:

1. $10 Bathroom Makeover:

You can change the entire look of your bathroom with just one paintbrush -- and a rather cheap one at that.

All you have to do is clean, apply all-purpose primer that's usually a less than $10 on Amazon, and paint.

That's exactly what one woman, known online by her middle name, Vashti, did. As she recalls on her blog, Variety By Vashti, she wasn't keen on ripping out the pink ceramic tile that was in her bathroom.

"No one had a clear answer and there wasn't a tutorial I felt really impressed with," she remembers. "That's when it dawned on me. I use Zinsser Oil Based Primer for almost every project including painting laminate furniture. I figured I could use it on tile, too!"

The result? An entirely "new" white restroom that was far more appealing.

2. Build Your Own Sofa Table:

Sofa tables are brilliant for stacking books and other collectibles, but as they can cost about $500, it's understandable if you don't want to buy one. Thankfully you can save yourself that cash if you put in just a bit of effort yourself.

According to BuzzFeed, all you need to do is:

  1. Gather your supplies: 1 plank of wood that's the same length of couch, 4 staircase spindles cut to height of the sofa, 8 "L" brackets, a jigsaw, sanding paper, and a wood stain

  2. Attach four legs to a wooden plank with the L-brackets

  3. Stain or paint

3. Make Your Own Shelves:

Add some floating shelves to organize your living areas and create extra space. That's exactly what Mommy Suite blogger Sarah did, and the results were beautiful:

"I decided to hang some DIY faux floating shelves in my half-bathroom," she wrote. "These were the perfect inexpensive addition to this space because they add so much character to an otherwise boring space."


  1. Paint wood and brackets.
  2. Hang brackets.
  3. Attach wood to the brackets.

4. Turn Your Tiles Into Masterpieces For About $100

A great way to spruce up a tile floor, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, is to add a touch of color and style. Erika, from Cutting Edge Stencils, did exactly that when she decided to paint and stencil her builder beige tiles.

All you have to do is apply a paint and a primer base coat to the tiles, before spraying the stencil with repositionable adhesive spray. As soon as it is dry, paint the entire floor with polyurethane.