Dad Surprised By Daughter's Response To Yelling (Video)

An adorable video of a father 'arguing' with his 15-month-old daughter is going viral (video below).

Generally speaking, parents don't have to put up with their children talking back to them until they are teenagers. This is not the case for 15-month-old Lola and her parents, according to Shareably.

In the video shared by Lola's parents, the toddler is seen standing on a TV stand in the living room, while her dad tells her to get down. 

Lola refuses and her dad continues yelling at her to get off the table. She won't get down without a fight, however, and she begins yelling back.

Being that Lola is 15-months-old, it's unclear exactly what she is saying to her dad, but it is clear that she has a lot to say about her right to stand on the table.

The pair go back and forth, arguing about whether Lola should be standing on the table. 

"I'm your boss until you're 18, so get down," Dad tells Lola.

Finally, Lola runs out of defenses and loses the battle when her dad picks her up off the table.

"How did he keep from laughing?" one YouTube viewer commented. "She is too adorable!" 

"Savage kid," another user wrote. "Lol she's so cute!"

Sources: ShareablyYouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube