Watch What Happens To These Women (Video)

Women were shocked when a man seemingly called them out for their breasts, but were even more stunned when they realized what was actually happening (video below).

Prank video blogger Rich Ferguson explained the idea behind the prank in a description on his YouTube page.

"This classic PUN/gag 'concept' has been reworked many times," Ferguson wrote in the YouTube description. "'Nice melons' 'Nice Wiener', etc on shows for decades. We thought 'Nice JUGS' specifically was original to us and worth sharing for some laughs." 

In a prank video posted to YouTube, Ferguson filmed himself approaching groups of women on the beach and beginning to speak to the man standing behind them.

"Those are huge jugs!" Ferguson exclaims in the clip. "That's gotta hurt your back carrying those."

The women next to Ferguson seem shocked at first -- appalled that someone would point out their breasts in such a direct and seemingly vulgar way. It's only when he grabs two jugs of water from a man standing behind them do they realize the context of his remarks.

"We're going on a hike!" he explains.

Ferguson continues to prank several groups of women, grabbing the jugs of water from his accomplice as the man stands behind each group out of their line of vision. Each time, without fail, the women seem horrified by what he's saying to them.

"What did you think I meant?" he asks another group of women.

"Those are nice jugs!" he exclaims as another woman walks past him. The woman turns around in shock and then realizes he's talking to his accomplice.

The clip went viral, getting more than 3 million views, with many expressing their amusement at Ferguson's ability to pull off the prank without fail each time.

"Funny!!!" one Newsiosity reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"Dude you are hilarious! never stop making videos!!" another viewer commented on Ferguson's YouTube page.