Driver Of Double-Parked Car Taught A Lesson (Photo)

While holiday shopping, sometimes the most frustrating thing can be trying to find a parking spot. There may be nothing more infuriating than finally thinking you found a spot only to discover that somebody had double parked.

One driver in Biddeford, Maine, double-parked their car in a Walmart parking lot. Little did they know, they had made the wrong person angry.

Matthew Mills spotted the scene when he arrived at the Walmart and shared a photo of what he saw on his Facebook page, reports Newsiosity.

"This guy got a lesson in parking," Mills wrote in his Facebook post.

The photo shows what happens when you make somebody angry by double-parking in a full parking lot -- somebody completely blocked the car in with shopping carts.

An annoyed fellow shopper had taken the time to gather the shopping carts from around the parking lot and box in the double-parked car just to teach the driver a lesson.

Mills, who was not responsible for the shopping cart stunt, said he left before the driver returned to their car, reports WFLD. However, it seems safe to say that trying to disassemble the shopping cart barricade was not fun for the driver.

Hopefully, the peaceful protest of the driver's poor parking will have that person thinking twice before parking like that again during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Many people commented on Mills' post, expressing their support for the person responsible for blocking in the car and saying that they hoped it will prevent other drivers from double-parking in the future.

Sources: WFLDNewsiosity / Photo credit: Mad World News via Newsiosity