Can You Solve This Puzzle On The First Try?

It seems that almost every week there is a new puzzle spreading around social media, but not all of them are equally as challenging. 

The latest viral puzzle tricks people by seeming to be fairly straightforward and simple, but leaves many scratching their heads, reports Newsiosity.

Part of what makes this puzzle in particular so difficult to solve is how deceptive it is upon first glance. There appears to be a clear pattern when first looking at the simple chart, but the answer is not what you think. 

The puzzle is made up of six boxes, each with a number inside -- except for the box in the bottom right corner. 

The puzzle simply says, "What goes in the empty square?" 

The squares are numbered 1 through 5, leaving viewers to initially believe the obvious answer will be 6. However, just below the puzzle is something that changes the whole thing: "Hint: it's not 6."  

Despite how the puzzle appears, the solution actually has nothing to do with math. 

Many puzzles rely on memory and/or math skills, but this one requires thinking a bit outside the box. You might drive yourself crazy trying to think of all of the possible solutions to the puzzle, but the answer is right in front of you.

As AWM points out, the answer actually doesn't even involve numbers. The correct answer is "R." 

The table wasn't really a puzzle at all, it's simply looking for the next gear on a manual transmission. The "R" stands for Reverse.

Were you able to solve the puzzle on your own?

Sources: AWMNewsiosity / Photo credit: Nicholas Hardeman/Flickr, AWM