Clever Woman Helps Blind Man With Sign (Video)

A moving short film has resurfaced online, providing a powerful message about making a big difference in someone's life with a tiny action (video below).

The video starts out with a blind homeless man sitting on the stops of a building with a tin can by his feet holding a sign. The sign says, “I am blind, please help.”

Dozens of people walk past him, ignoring the sign.

As people are seen going about their day, oblivious to the man’s suffering, a woman stops in her tracks when she sees the blind man.

She does not look at him in pity or disgust.

Instead of throwing some change in the homeless man’s can, she decides to do something better. She walks up to the man and kneels down as he grasps her shoes.

The woman takes the man’s sign, scribbles something on the back of it, and walks away.

The blind man immediately begins to receive more donations. Later in the afternoon, the woman comes back to check up on the man.

Recognizing the woman’s shoes, he says, “What did you do to my sign?”

The woman puts her hand on the man’s shoulder and replies, “I only wrote the same, but different words.”

Turns out, the shrewd woman changed the sign to read: “Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.”

The film was created by U.K. marketing company Purple Feather and has been viewed tens of millions of times, according to Huffington Post.  

It serves as a poignant reminder about how the power of words and simple actions can affect people’s lives.

Sources: Huffington Post, YouTube / Photo credit: Little Things