Vatican Condemns Modern Gender Theory, Says Transgender People Have This Hidden Motive

The Vatican published a new document that contains new instructions for Catholic parents and schoolteachers regarding the intentions of those who identify as intersex or transgender.

The new guideline was released on June 10th and aims to address what it calls “educational crisis” surrounding sexuality and gender.

"Nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants. Efforts to go beyond the constitutive male-female sexual difference, such as the ideas of ‘intersex’ or ‘transgender,’ lead to a masculinity or femininity that is ambiguous,” the document reads, adding that “this oscillation between male and female becomes, at the end of the day, only a ‘provocative’ display against so-called ‘traditional frameworks."

The document was entitled, Male and Female He Created Them: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Questions of Gender Theory in Education. However, the conclusion of the document was not been well received by trans-Catholics. Part of the conclusion states that Catholic schools must help educate the youth that gender is fixed at birth.

“Oscillation between male and female becomes, at the end of the day, only a ‘provocative’ display against so-called ‘traditional frameworks’, and one which, in fact, ignores the suffering of those who have to live situations of sexual indeterminacy,” the author of the new guideline wrote.

"The Congregation for Catholic Education is well aware of the daily effort and unstinting care shown by those who work in schools and in the whole range of formal and informal pedagogic endeavor. The Congregation wishes to encourage them in their pursuit of the work of forming young people, especially those among them who are affected by any form of poverty, and those in need of the love shown them by their educators, so that, in the words of St. John Bosco, young people are not only loved but know they are loved," the author of the new document added.

The new document received criticism from LGBT Catholic groups. New Ways Ministry called it a “harmful tool that will be used to oppress and harm not only transgender people but lesbian, gay, (and) bisexual people, too.”

Sources: Daily Caller / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Google