Man Puts Anti-Halal Stickers On Grocery Store Meat (Photos)

A British man was punished for labeling supermarket meat with stickers that criticized halal and the Muslim religion.

Liam Edwards pleaded not guilty in court to causing racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage, though he did admit to putting stickers on meat in a Sainsbury's supermarket in Manchester that read: "Beware hahal is barbaric and funds terrorism."

In court, prosecutor Holly Holden said that Edwards admitted to what he did but claimed he wasn't focusing on a link between halal and terrorism. Instead, he was protesting the slaughter of animals in Islamic law.

"The point about animal slaughter can be expressed in a different way without suggesting halal and terrorism is linked," Holden said, Manchester Evening News reported.

Before being sentenced, Edwards further clarified his reasoning for putting the stickers on the grocery store's products.

"I'm a big animal lover, be it for racial or other purposes I believe it is wrong to treat animals in that way," he said.

Edwards was given a month-long curfew for his actions, and ordered to pay small fees for compensation and legal representation.

Many readers expressed outrage at the fact that Edwards' protest had legal repercussions. 

"I will NOT bow down to anyone that left their country to come here for freedom. I will NOT change my way of life to appease anyone!!! If they don't like what we do, how we do it or when we do it, ho back to your country and change that place. Quit tying up our court system with your pouty crap. Learn to live with it. If you continue to push our buttons, we will continue to push back. There is only so much we will take. Grow up!!!!" one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"This story is about a warning to buyers purchasing meat butchered by Muslims in the UK, stating that the money earned is going to fund terrorism. All I can say is don't buy it!! Very happy that, so far, I've never seen meat butchered by Muslims for sale in America...wouldn't buy it if it were," another added. 

"What doesn't offend certain Muslims??? It's time we put our foot down and make them adhere to our laws, traditions, and ways of living...time to go where a country and it's people will put up with this nonsense. Oh yeah I forgot there isn't any...ok so then they need to go home where ever that is. Bye bye. So long," another wrote. 

Sources: Manchester Evening News (2), Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Revital Salomon/Wikimedia Commons, Manchester Evening News