Source Claims First Lady Melania 'Just Wants To Go Home'

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As President Trump rallied against the election results in mid-November, Melania asked an emissary to discreetly find out what she would be getting in terms of budget and staff allocation after leaving the White House.

One source said, "She just wants to go home," and stated that Trump’s rumored 2024 presidential bid "might not go over well."

Melania hired Marcia Lee Kelly as a special adviser, and according to two sources, Melania asked Kelly to find out whether there were taxpayer funds allocated to former first ladies.

The answer is no. While there are perks for the outgoing commander-in-chief, there are none for the first ladies save for a $20,000-a-year pension, which is only paid out if her husband dies.

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Even with Kelly’s information, Melania is focused on leaving the White House, and an inventory of personal items is already being carried out.

She is also considering writing a book, although it is unlikely to be a memoir – which has been the tradition for many first ladies. Michelle Obama's memoir, Becoming, and Laura Bush's memoir, Spoken from the Heart, became massive bestsellers.

Instead, Melania is said to be considering a photo-centric coffee table book that will focus on the White House hospitality history or on the design projects she completed as the first lady, a source in the publishing industry stated.

Melania’s chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, told CNN: "Mrs. Trump is focused on her role as first lady. Monday she unveiled her most current effort in preserving the White House by announcing the completion of the tennis pavilion. She also recently unveiled a new piece of art in the newly renovated Rose Garden. Her office just revealed this year's Christmas décor. Her schedule remains full with her duties as a mother, wife and first lady of the United States."

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Melania is focusing on a smooth transition out of Washington for herself and son Barron, and has been making shipments of personal items to Mar-a-Lago, where Tham Kannalikham, the interior decorator hired in 2017 redesign the personal quarters of the White House executive residence, has been carrying out renovations for the past few weeks.

Because of its status as a National Historic Landmark, no major changes can be made to the residence. The Mar-a-Lago home is approximately 3,000 square feet of the property's main building, a huge change from the 55,000 square foot White House mansion.

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"It will feel like staying full-time at a nice hotel," Laurence Leamer, author of Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Gates of Power at Donald Trump's Presidential Palace, said. "It's fine for a bit, sure, but can you imagine Donald Trump just sitting around there for six months of the year? It will start to feel confining very quickly."

"It will be the weirdest thing," he added, suggesting that if Trump was as wealthy as he claims to be, he should close down the club and keep the entire mansion as his home.

Sources: CNN