NY State Senator Sparks Outrage After Comparing Capitol Riots To 9/11

Photo Credit: Google, Twitter/John C. Liu

New York State Senator John Liu has sparked outrage after stating that the January 6 Capitol riots were “more frightening” than the 9/11attacks.

The Taiwan-born politician, representing the 11th District in northeast Queens, tweeted his remarks an hour before the Sergeant-at-Arms made the announcement that the building had been secured.

Liu’s tweet read: "Seeing the Twin Towers crumble is no longer the most frightening moment of my life." Shortly after posting the tweet, many accused the Democrat of being tone deaf.

Photo Credit: Google

One person commented: "John, I get what you’re going for but come on, that’s a bit far," to which Liu responded, "I don't think so." 

"Tell that to the families of the dead. There’s something wrong with you," another person stated.

Comments poured in, with many slamming Liu for a number of reasons, with one person telling Liu that he was exploiting the crisis for political gain.

Photo Credit: Twitter/John C. Liu

She wrote: "Whatever you think of what happened yesterday, to compare it to Pearl Harbor & 9/11, tragedies which killed over 5,000 people, is clearly demented and a cynical grifter ploy to milk the chaos for political gain. Anyone doing that is infinitely WORSE than those they decry."

One person talked about the 54-year-old’s mayoral campaign finance scandal in 2013, which saw one aide and one of his top fundraisers jailed for fraud. Liu was not charged, but the New York Campaign Finance Board voted to deny him over $3.5 million. Four years later, Liu was fined $26,000, Politico reported. 

Photo Credit: Twitter/John C. Liu

"C'mon man. You were this close to being indicted for campaign finance fraud. I imagine that was a bit more harrowing," the comment read.

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