Melania Trump Faces Backlash On Twitter After Sharing New White House Christmas Photos

Photo Credit: Google, Instagram/Flotus

Earlier this week, first lady Melania Trump unveiled the new White House Christmas decorations, her final set up before leaving the White House in January.

The decorations, themed “America the Beautiful,” were not well received following Melania’s comments – leaked by Stephanie Wolkoff in October. She made headlines with her statement: “Who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations?”

Now, she seems to be trying to make up for it as she shared more photos of her Christmas decor than ever before. She posted a series of photos on Instagram, and even highlighted different trinkets found in each White House room.

Photo Credit: Google

In one post showing carousel of photos of the White House Christmas tree, Melania posted the caption: “This year’s #WHChristmas tree illuminates the Blue Room, featuring ornaments designed by students. #BeBest encourages youth to BE BEST in their individual paths & the splendor of America shines brightly through the handmade ornaments & the unique perspective of American children.”

In the photos, Melania is seen maskless despite children and others in the room wearing PPE.

In another post, she posted the annual gingerbread White House which included the Rose Garden.

“The State Dining Room beams with white & yellow roses, our national flower, & showcases the beauty of the @WhiteHouse through a delectable Gingerbread House, featuring the West Wing, Executive Residence, East Wing, and for the first time, the Rose Garden & First Ladies’ Garden,” she captioned.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Flotus

Even with the effort Melania has put into shedding her anti-Christmas brand, Twitter users were not having it, as the hashtag #MelaniaHatesChristmas began trending on Twitter.

“Grinch Green seems appropriate for woman who hates Xmas,” one person commented.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel created a spoof video of Melania unveiling the White House decorations.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Flotus

On December 1, the day after the White House decorations were set up, the Trump administration hosted a holiday party at the White House, going against CDC’s recommendations for large gatherings following rise in coronavirus cases.

Sources: Yahoo