Melania Shares An 'Awkward' Moment With President Trump After The Final Debate

Photo Credit: The Sun

On more than one occasion, Melania Trump has been caught on camera avoiding or ripping her hand away from President Trump’s hold. After Thursday night’s presidential debate, Melania’s relationship with Trump became the point of focus once again.

After the debate wrapped up, Trump stood with Melania on stage briefly, and the two were holding hands. However, as they walked off together, Melania ripped her hand away from Trump’s. This was caught on camera clear as day, and shortly after, the video was trending on Twitter.

The comments poured in, and some of them read:

 “I know I’ve been an absentee dad and a horrible husband - including flagrant affairs while you were pregnant - but let’s just hold hands at this event...”

“I know we hate a ‘Melania HATES him’ narrative BUT I MEAN”

“Trump: ‘We'll win next time’ Melania: ‘There won't be another debate next time we lost, now let my hand go!’ #DebateTonight”


“As angry and we all would be if Trump wins again. No one, and I mean NO ONE, will be as angry as Melania.”

“Melania hates his guts”

“This has to be at least the 10th time Melania has did this to Trump on Camera. #DebateTonight”

These small acts are pretty telling.

Sources: Yahoo