Jane Fonda Gets Arrested Again, Celebrates Her Birthday In Handcuffs

Jane Fonda has been actively fighting the system in a bid to get the government to implement environment-friendly policies to combat climate change. She has been doing this despite her busy schedule featuring various projects, including her Netflix show Grace and Frankie.

Her participation in climate change rallies has been documented multiple times, and she has become a constant feature in Washington, D.C., where she even set up residence. However, the 82-year-old has also become increasing familiar with the police department, owing to her multiple arrests.

In December, Fonda was present at a climate change rally led by her “Fire Drill Fridays” movement. The group’s description, found on the Fire Drill Fridays website reads in part; “Inspired by Greta and the youth climate strikes as well as Reverend Barber’s Moral Mondays and Randall Robinson’s often daily anti-apartheid protests, I’ve moved to Washington, D.C. to be closer to the epicenter of the fight for our climate. Every Friday through January, I will be leading weekly demonstrations on Capitol Hill to demand that action by our political leaders be taken to address the climate emergency we are in. We can't afford to wait.”

On the eve of her 82nd birthday, Fonda was arrested once more, her fifth arrest, and led through the crowd in cuffs. Her group broke out singing “Happy Birthday,” as she was led away.

Fire Drill Fridays has been active throughout the fall, and Fonda has previously been joined by a number of her celebrity friends. Among them were Brooklyn Decker and Diane Raphael, her TV daughters on Grace and Frankie. Other celebrities include Ted Danson, Diane Lane, Sam Waterston, among others.

At one time, she was joined by Viva Vadim, her granddaughter, who got arrested during the protest. Fonda has been an activist for the longest time, and is used to doing activist work even during her birthdays. In December 2017, she focused on the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (G.C.A.P.P.), hosting a party-fundraiser for the group on her 80th birthday. G.C.A.P.P. is focused on sexual health education and teenage pregnancy prevention.

Fonda told Vanity Fair that she had not planned on spending her 80s on activist work. "I thought that maybe I could take up gardening. I didn't think that I would be back on the barricades, no. I didn't think that our freedoms, our democracy would be in jeopardy the way they are now. I am utterly terrified," she said.

Sources: Elle / Photo Credit: NBC News