Actor Compares Trump To Celebrated Former US President And Not Everyone Is Happy About It

In a video message that went viral on Twitter, actor Jon Voight declared that President Donald Trump was not a racist. He addressed his fellow Americans by saying that racism had been a big issue since the Civil War, especially for the black community.

However, he added that the American forefathers had long solved this issue for love and peace. He also said that the angered minorities and the angered left appeared to be holding President Trump accountable for the past, where racism and slavery were rampant.

Voight went on to say that they had been gifted with truth and that anger was one of the “old chains” that bound people to slavery, an old wound that appeared to still be fresh even in modern times. He also mentioned that the holocaust was another old wound and contrasted it with the founding of the United States.

The actor said that America was built on liberty and trust and was the soil of greatness and land of opportunities for its citizens to succeed and grow with freedom. He then challenged the criticism President Trump had been receiving from non-supporters ever since he started running for president.

Voight claimed that the president was honoring the United States as a nation of liberty and that he was not racist. He said President Trump was a man who had all the intention to make the country great again and that he loved his country.

Voight ended the video by wishing that the angered left would find the truth and what it stood for, and encouraged citizens to vote for their country’s safety. He added that truth stood for justice, God, and liberty for all.

Voight is known for his starring role as the father of Showtime’s Ray Donovan and has won several Golden Globes and Oscars. He is also the real-life father of popular actress Angelina Jolie.

Sources: NTD / Photo Credit: Twitter/Jon Voight