Texas Democrat Wendy Davis Is Challenging Republican Chip Roy For This Very Reason

Wendy Davis, a Democrat, is a former Texas state representative who resolutely made an 11 hour speech to prevent an anti-abortion bill.

The former state representative is now officially challenging Chip Roy, a Republican representative, for his seat.

On Monday, after countless rumors had circulated for a few weeks, Davis announced her bid for Congress.

Wendy Davis is a pro-abortionist, and her stand was made clear in June 2013 when she spoke continuously for 11 hours against an anti-abortion bill at Texas Capitol.

The Texas Republicans had conducted a special session in an attempt to pass House Bill 2, which mandated that abortions could only take place at ambulatory surgical centers and not at regular clinics. Davis, who at the time was wearing pink sneakers and a back brace, prevented the legislation from being passed. She spoke without taking any breaks until the midnight deadline passed.

Although Davis was successful in delaying the bill, it was passed in a later session. According to a report made by KGW 8, a local news station, almost two dozen abortion clinics were closed down because of the bill.

Davis’ famous stand against the anti-abortion bill finally bore fruit when the Supreme Court struck it down in 2016 for being unconstitutional.

Wendy Davis was a state senator until 2015, and in 2016, she founded a non-profit organization called Deeds Not Words. Its goal was to give people resources so that they could participate in political activism. It also focused on gender equality and discrimination. 

In April, Davis was thought to have encouraged Democratic representative Joaquin Castro to run in the Senate race. However, she is the one likely to challenge Republican John Cornyn for his seat.

Cornyn or Roy, a congressman, is up for reelection in 2020. He voted against a disaster aid bill worth $19 billion which would have given Texas more than $4 billion to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. 

Sources: Huffpost / Photo Credit: Google