Trump Kisses Campaign Staffer To Show Gratitude, Gets Sued For 'Battery'

Alva Johnson, a former campaign staffer for the Trump campaign, claims that she received an unwanted kiss from the president back in 2016. Concerning such, she is suing President Trump for battery.

A video of the said kiss has also recently surfaced as it was posted on June 10, Johnson’s party says it’s evidence of Trump’s forced kiss. The video appears to have been shot by another campaign volunteer on their cellphone, and it shows Trump and Johnson in a campaign RV with several other people.

In the video, Trump is seen placing his arms on Johnson and holding her as he leans in to kiss her cheek on the side facing away from the camera. He and Johnson then exchange a few words, where Johnson can be heard saying they were going to get Trump into the White House, and seeing him later in February.

The rise of Johnson suing Trump started earlier this year, saying that his actions caused trauma and that there were also alleged actions of discrimination in the campaign. The discrimination Johnson is claiming is how she was paid less compared to her colleagues, who were white and male.

Once Trump’s legal team had discovered the video through the ensuing lawsuit, they immediately recovered it. Harder LLP, Trump’s representation, then released the video during a court proceeding.

During a court filing on that same Wednesday, one of Trump’s attorneys Charles Harder saw the video as a costly rebuke to how Johnson claims the kiss went down. Harder wrote about the video in a court filing, concluding that a reasonable person would have viewed the video and the kiss as an innocent show of appreciation between the candidate and a hardworking campaign staff.

Harder even went on further saying that Johnson’s claims of Trump forcibly kissing her on the mouth are false. On the other hand, Johnson’s legal thinks otherwise, one of the lawyers Hassan Zavareei indicating that the video depicted what constitutes as battery and as what Johnson has been claiming. 

Sources: Vice News / Photo Credit: Vice News