Here's How President Trump Compares To President Obama In A Recent Poll

A recent Gallup survey revealed President Donald Trump’s character rating has increased over the time he’s been in office. It was also mentioned that Americans favored President Trump on matters important to them, more so than they did President Obama.

Gallup stated in new research that 40% of Americans think Trump has the personality and leadership characteristics a president should possess — at the two-year mark this is an improvement of almost 7%. The findings not only revealed that the overall percentage had improved, but also more Democrats and Independents believe Trump holds those qualities.

In comparison with the previous leaders, Trump’s numbers, however, are still behind ratings for George W. Bush who gained 64% and Barack Obama who earned 58% two years into their presidencies.

The survey also discovered that 38% of Americans consider Trump’s political judgments are “about right,” opposed to 35% for Obama when surveyed back in 2012.

This information appeared after House Democrats ramped up investigations on Trump following special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that the Trump campaign had not conspired with Russia to impact the 2016 presidential election.

In comparison to the poll by Gallup, a CNN survey released on May 1, found 43% of Americans agree with Trump's ways of handling his job as president—the highest since April 2017 for that survey. Years back, he had a 44% approval evaluation on the same poll. In addition, those who greatly approve of Trump’s work as president stretched to an all-time high of 35%.

Trump’s approval rating also touched a record number in a Gallup poll published on May 3. There, he hit a 46% approval rating, which is comparable to different surveys like NBC News, The Hill, HarrisX, The Wall Street Journal, and Harvard-Harris (pdf).

The newest Rasmussen poll, which the president supports, pronounced that Trump’s approval grade for May 28 is at 46%. It was previously found that Trump had 10 days since April 1 where his approval rating was at or above 50%.

Sources: NTD / Photo Credit: Google