Here's How President Trump Is Fighting For Our Right To Freedom Of Speech Online

If you have suddenly been banned or suspended from any of your social media accounts without knowing exactly what you did wrong, you can now complain directly to the Trump administration. Just recently, the administration launched an online tool for citizens to report such incidents, claiming there may be evidence of political bias in such platforms.

Using the online tool also prompts users to sign up for Trump’s email newsletter so that they can stay updated on his fight for free speech. The official White House Twitter account further stated in their tweet that they are always fighting for free speech online and if users feel they have been banned or suspended online due to “political bias,” they are all ears.

The website where users can complain asks for the user’s complete name, phone number, U.S. citizenship confirmation, and zip code. Additionally, the form asks users for the username of the banned or suspended social media account and allows for users to attach screenshots if necessary.

This is the first time Trump is attempting some form of action for such a concern, as he is known to have repeatedly complained about social media platforms censoring Republican and conservative views and opinions. Trump was further prompted to take action when figures like James Woods, Diamond & Silk, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer were banned from platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

During this time, the President of the United States declared the White House would be closely monitoring the situation. He further accused these platforms of mistreating these figures just because of their Conservative voices.

In addition, Trump and Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, accompanied by other Twitter executives, held a meeting in the Oval Office earlier this year. It was reported that the meeting was about Trump’s complaints on his loss of Twitter followers and blamed the company for anti-conservative actions.

However, Dorsey properly explained Twitter’s regular screening and deleting of fake bot accounts for better user experience and authentic user engagement.

Sources: Daily Beast / Photo Credit: Google