President Trump Suggests Ivanka Could Follow In His Footsteps

In an article published in The Atlantic, President Donald Trump expressed his confidence for his daughter Ivanka Trump who he believes would be a strong presidential contender if she ever decides to run for the presidency, saying she’d be “very, very hard to beat.” However, Trump also acknowledged that Ivanka seems to have no plans of following in her father’s footsteps.

In addition, the president's daughter has apparently not talked to her friends about the topic of running for the presidency, a hint that Ivanka may indeed have zero interest. Regardless of this lack of interest, it is not a secret that President Trump proudly regards his daughter as “unique.” Trump has also implied that even if Ivanka remained apathetic in taking over the presidential seat, she would still do great in the United Nations or the World Bank.

The president also stressed that his daughter is a natural diplomat and that she would have been transcendent at the United Nations. However, President Trump mentioned that he did not appoint Ivanka to a position in the United Nations because he wanted to avoid accusations of nepotism.

Aside from the United Nations, President Trump also claimed that Ivanka could work for the World Bank because she happens to have great skills in dealing with numbers according to Trump.

Last month, when asked if he has plans to run for office, President Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. said that he wouldn’t rule it out and may have plans to run someday. He also mentioned similar statements during a podcast episode on Bloomberg Radio’s “Sound On” segment. While Ivanka shows no present interest, it’s entirely possible that she may change her mind in the future and follow in her father’s footsteps.

Sources: The Hill / Photo Credit: Google