Onlookers Left Stunned When They See What Trump Signed For Little Boy

In the wake of the tornados destroyed massive parts of Alabama, President Trump has shown up to pledge his support to the victims. The high winds ripped apart homes and killed 23 people in what is considered one of the strongest tornados to devastate the United States in recent history. The president and First Lady arrived in Beauregard, Alabama by way of Georgia for the quick visit at the relief center.

When the people saw the president and First Lady enter the room, they cheered, having voted for him in 2016. During the visit, Trump shook hands, signed hats, and even signed a Bible, which belonged to a twelve-year-old boy.

During the aftermath of the destructive tornados, the Baptist church is serving as a relief center for people in the community, regardless of their faith. People have donated clothing, diapers, toiletries, school supplies, and food to help people get through the torturous aftermath of the storm.

The president also signed a $100 bill that a volunteer passed to him while visiting the Providence Baptist Church in Alabama. During the afternoon, Trump and his wife talked to survivors and tried to offer them some relief in the form of their company. It served as a distraction from what had happened and gave people a sign that the government was going to offer a helping hand.

When asked about the tornados, Trump admitted that during his seven decades in the United States, he has never seen anything like it.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. We love you all. We love the state of Alabama.”

When he was outside of the church, Trump and his wife honored those who had died in the storms. He held a moment of silence hand-in-hand with Melania as they stood before a cross representing the 23 people who were killed in the tornado.

Trump stopped in Alabama briefly on his way to his private resort in Florida, where he will spend a weekend golfing and raising money for re-election.

The First Family arrived in Alabama after Air Force One dropped them off at an airfield in Georgia not far away. A helicopter flew them across the state border where Trump spent a quick 25-minutes visiting with the survivors of the storm. During his visit, Trump vowed that federal emergency managers would stay as long as necessary to get people back on their feet.

“It’s hard to believe actually,” Trump revealed to reporters as he walked around. “We saw things you wouldn’t believe.”

He added that FEMA had done an “A-plus job” so far as they quickly responded to the tornado.

The tornado touched down in Alabama last weekend, killing nearly two dozen people, and leveling parts of Alabama and Georgia leaving a trail of devastation more than a mile wide.

When he landed, Trump said that “The governor (of Alabama) has done an incredible job.”

In response, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey told Trump “we’re stronger together” and thanked him for stopping by on his way to Florida to his private resort.

Sources: Daily Mail Online / Photo Credit: Post Image