Do You See Anything Wrong With These Photos Of Donald Trump? Some People Are Deeply Offended By It

When the owner the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, was caught allegedly engaging in the buying of services from sex workers, no one could have guessed that there would have been a twist in the story like this. Now it has been revealed that the founder of the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, 45-year-old Li Yang is not only a Patriots fan but watched them win the Super Bowl in Mar-a-Lago alongside President Trump.

Just two weeks after Li Yang shared that selfie, Kraft was embroiled in a sex scandal that could result in jail time. Kraft was charged with soliciting prostitution at Yi Yang’s spa after sex acts were performed on him, allegedly.

Yang frequently visits Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and has even been invited up to the White House as a special guest. She’s even been escorted up to Trump Towers several times since Trump took office in 2017.

Although she claims that she is no longer associated with the business, she did not say whether she was involved in human trafficking practices when she first established the spa.

Kraft was accused of visiting the Florida spa two days in a row back in January when a worker performed a manual sex act upon the billionaire during his first visit, while he demanded an oral act from another worker on the second visit the following day.

Kraft is one of Trump’s best friends while Yang has been donating generously to Trump’s campaign as recently as 2018.

Yang donated $8,100 to the Trump Victory Fund in 2018, where she listed her occupation as the Chairman of the Women’s Charity Foundation. She’s also a declared Trump Republican because she was an inactive vote with no party declared in the decade prior to Trump’s run for the White House.

Yang has been a frequent visitor to Trump’s private club in Palm Beach. The Super Bowl bash was just one of the most recent times she saw the president and spent intimate time with him, as she was seen nuzzling up to him in the selfie photo.

In the years since Trump took office, Yang has received special invites to Mar-a-Lago and the Trump Towers for visits and parties with the president. Besides taking photographs with the president, she saddled up alongside Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump as well. She also was seen with Don King and Sarah Palin.

Yang made her money owning a series of spas throughout south Florida, raking in millions of dollars each year from them. South Florida is also a common place for human trafficking. It is unclear if Yang is involved in that trade. But in Miami-Dade County, at least 205 spas offer sexual services to paying customers, of which Yang may or may not be involved.

Although her spas might be doing unsavory work, Yang has kept her record clean. She has only been cited for minor traffic violations in Palm Beach County.

Yang has since sold all of her spas and says she is out of the business. She will also be moving to Washington D.C. for undisclosed reasons.

Trump finds Yang impressive, sending her a signed photo that read, “Thank you for your friendship and dedication to our cause.”

Sources: Daily Mail Online / Photo Credit: Post Image